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I grew up loving videogames and I dreamed of pursuing a career where I could blend my passion with my profession and now I have almost 5 years fulfilling that dream. I’m a hardworking and ambitious programmer who wants to become one of the best

My work


Vikings Valhalla

Gameplay / UI Software Engineer

  • Designed, wrote, tested and corrected code for Vikings Valhalla, a mobile game released for iOS and Android for the Netflix Games platform.

  • Formed part of the core programming team from production to release, taking a more central role during the live support stage of the project

  • Took ownership of multiple gameplay systems on the client side, working with the server programmers to implement and bugfix issues during and after release


Star Trek Legends

Gameplay / UI Software Engineer

  • Worked on porting some gameplay features from mobile to PC and Steamdeck.

  • Worked alongside server programmers to adapt and rework features following desing specifications for PC and Steamdeck (Input system, bridge skills, shuttlecrafts, to name a few)

Project Ash

Gameplay Sotfware Engineer

  • Assisted the main programming team with some gameplay features for an internal demo being developed in ECG


About Me.

Born and raised in Argentina, started playing games from a young age. Initially I wanted to be a paleontologist, but soon enough I discovered that Game Development was my dream, and fate brought me to Vancouver to work on amazing projects, with amazing people

As a Gameplay / UI Software Engineer I specialize in implementing complex gameplay systems and optimizing UI/UX while working alongside a diverse and multidisciplinary team. I want to work with the best the industry has to offer, that way I'll become one of them.
I have a special interest in engine and tool development, excited to use more C++ in a professional environment.


  • Monster Hunter is my favorite game series

  • I used to play guitar and drums 

  • I'm discovering my enjoyment of the outdoors and tent-camping

  • Burgers without pickles

Professional Experience

December 2019 – August 2022

Computer Software Engineer - Error 404 Game Studios S.A.


July 2017 – August 2020

3 Year technical Diploma in Videogame Development

Image Campus, Buenos Aires, Argentina

August 2022 - Current

Gameplay / UI Software Engineer - Emerald City Games

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